RUGGLI Sunrise contemporary art print in a black frame hanging on a living room wall next to a green couch.

5 Useful Tips on Hanging Abstract Art in Your Home

When decorating a home, pieces of abstract art can be the ‘wow’ factor that a space needs. After all, interior design is more than finding a beautiful piece of art to hang. Instead, it seeks to create balance and harmony in a space while keeping things interesting.

Here are some interior design tips you can follow to create a space that features abstract artwork. 

Go Neutral

Abstract artworks don’t need to be a multi-colour mass of movement. Many artists stick to neutral or earthy-colour pieces that bring warmth and elegance to a room.

When styling with abstract art, don’t feel obliged to prioritise bright colours. Identify the key tones in your chosen room and coordinate a specific piece or series of works accordingly.

Gold and white are the fundamental tones in a living room, creating a cohesive colour scheme while still allowing a space full of interesting accessories.

Use Your Wall Space Well

If you have a massive wall on one side of the room, a piece of abstract art will not cut it. Unless the artwork you choose is gigantic, a single-framed artwork on an empty, solidly-coloured wall can make the space feel unbalanced.

Hanging a triptych of works by an artist is a great way to cover a large wall and create a statement. Huge panel pieces are great for high-ceilinged spaces. Their sheer size will elongate the room.

Meanwhile, a dark, rich colour scheme will make the room seem intimate by drawing the viewer’s eye inwards. 

Frame Wisely

People often purchase abstract paintings unframed, leaving it to the collector to choose which frame style would best suit their home. Gallery-style is the best way to display artworks with lowlights or dark undertones. In this arrangement, paintings sit close to the top of the couch, offering a neat and organised feel.

When hanging artwork, always take measurements of the space you will hang art in. Don’t rely on a frame or artwork dimensions to decide how much space to leave between pieces. For example, hanging three pieces of artwork three feet apart will appear as one piece of artwork. Likewise, don’t be tempted to hang a series of framed art by leaving plenty of space between pieces. This will make each of them appear as standalone pieces instead of a series of works. 

Unify Your Display

Abstract art is bold, allowing you to be especially creative with how you hang it. It’s tempting to display a bright art piece on a plain white wall—but don’t do it. Instead, try to showcase it in a way that complements its bold colours.

Bright, statement pieces will stand out against a dark colour scheme, giving a dramatic effect to the space. Play with the scale and alignment when your colour pallet and art are too neutral. Explore the artwork’s orientation and size to add a bit of playfulness to your design.

Play with Sizes

Styling with abstract art can be tricky, especially when you only have small spaces to work with. Most people would think that one piece of art is the only way to decorate a small area—but that is not the case.

You can use multiple pieces to make a big impact without being overwhelming. Smaller works are as high-impact and an excellent way of decorating an overlooked space.


Hanging abstract art is a great way to inject personality into your design. Whether you stick to a theme in one room or select a single piece of art to compliment your space’s design, you can achieve a range of different styles—from bold and dramatic to understated and elegant.

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