RUGGLI Golden and Living Quarters, two colourful geometric abstract art prints, on a home office wall above a work desk.

5 Valuable Tips in Choosing the Right Art for Your Office

Many offices implement creative methods within the workspace to ensure that their employees would never get bored doing their daily tasks. That is understandable, as paperwork can definitely get repetitive over time. As a matter of fact, they are often treated as the bane of all corporate landscapes, in particular.

That being said, some companies are considerate enough to hang a couple of wall arts that somehow break the monotony of the whole surrounding.

While it may be easy to just hang some framed splashes of paint, one must remember that picking the right office art can either boost or demotivate your employees in the long run. In such a case, you must choose wisely.

Below are just a few tips to help you do that.

  1. Pick One That Triggers Creative Thinking

As mentioned, wall arts are not just fancy pieces of paper; they are simply works of art that can help people get their creative juices flowing. In that sense, it is important that you pick a piece of art that will trigger such a mood.

For example, abstract art is great if you're aiming for a more laid-back atmosphere. But, if your employees tend to work better in more serious settings, then art that depicts a realistic piece would be best.

  1. Choose What Will Fit the Whole Office

When choosing the right office art, you typically need to take a good look at the whole office and make sure that your decision will fit in. To do that, you may have to make some considerations regarding the entire office's setup.

For one, the office's colour scheme should match the office art you've chosen. Likewise, if the office is more formal, you may stick to classic art styles, such as portraits.

  1. Go for Warm and Bright Colours

Aside from the aforementioned colour considerations, it is also necessary that you choose art that will not just match the office's colour scheme but also warmth and brightness. This is because, unlike those in the professional sector, most office workspaces are generally more comfortable in less formal and brighter settings.

Artwork is usually a play of colour and lines, which is why it is important that you pick something that will add some brightness and warmth to the office.

  1. Take Time When Selecting Your Office Arts

Choosing the right office art is a process that should never be rushed. Whether you are going to place it in the break room or the meeting rooms, the right choice will greatly impact your employees.

That being said, there is no need to rush. Instead, take the time to view a number of options and make a proper decision. It will definitely be worth it in the long run.

  1. Try to Support Local Art Shops as Much as Possible

It is also important that you consider local art shops. In many cases, these shops usually carry some high-quality artwork that will fit your taste. Granted, they do not come cheap, but they are definitely a great addition to the office.


Choosing the right office art may be challenging at first, but if you can find out what suits your office best, you can be assured that your employees will feel a lot more motivated to work. Just take note of all our pointers above, and you are on your way to finding the right framed art for your office walls.

The possible results? Increased productivity and a definite boost in sales!

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