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Interior Design Trends for 2022 for a Stunning Home Transformation

This new year, you can bring unique qualities to your home that it never had before. Make a stunning home transformation by following the new interior design trends for 2022. Below are five of the trends to incorporate in your interior design project:

1. The Bliss of Sustainability and Wellness

We move forward to a year that clearly focuses on sustainability and wellness. More and more households want to redefine their lifestyles by changing their perspectives about the environment. A home should reflect the way the family lessens their carbon footprint while also reducing the stress of the modern way of life.

To create a mood that takes away the stress of the city, you can introduce low-levelled furniture together with some comfortable floor cushions. Focus on natural materials with relaxing neutral or white palettes.

2. The Calm of Nature’s Colours

If you’re looking for a way to switch things up in your home, find a collection of colours that can bring you closer to nature. Pantone has introduced the key colour trends for 2022, which you can play around with by transforming into a delightful palette of earth tones.

There are different shades of blue and green that you can induce with warm and cool hues. They can reflect the beautiful breeze of the ocean and the striking greenery of the forest. You can also add accent colours of orange and pink to keep your design chic and inviting, such as dusty pink, rust, or mustard.

3. The Beauty of Organic Details

In designing a home, the tiny details can bring your design to a whole new level. Welcome the new year with a stunning collection of interiors that inspire you to become one with nature. This is the year to follow organic forms and to use natural materials. Find gorgeous pieces of timber and rattan to give your rooms the timeless beauty they deserve. Use accents that have organic elements, such as linen, jute, and other artisanal décor items.

4. The Grandeur of Wall Murals and Art

Imagine a beautiful landscape art painted on one side of your wall. Finally, wall art and murals comfortably slide into this year’s top interior design trends. Introduce wallpapers and decals to your home’s wall with a design inspired by nature to make a stunning effect. Create a focal point by installing a large-scale art on one side of a room to make it visually appealing.

5. The Energy of Beautiful Indoor Plants

This new year is the perfect year for green thumbs to show off their passion for plants. You can add more indoor plants into your home such as the ever-reliable monstera or fiddle leaf fig. You can also introduce the trendier types of indoor plants, such as olive trees or cacti, to liven up your plant collection.

Indoor plants have great aesthetic qualities that can make any room look charming. More importantly, the presence of plants will also teach you to spend more time taking care of them throughout the year.


Transform your home with these interior design trends for 2022 and see how they can bring more life and energy to your household. Buy direct and take a look at our modern art prints, we have a wide selection of unique pieces of museum quality. Frame, or unframed, with free shipping!