RUGGLI Sunrise, Midday and Sunset contemporary digital art prints in black frames on the living room wall above a modern couch.

Why Homes Need Art and What to Know

Why do we need art in our homes? It may seem like a simple question, with an even simpler answer. But, the real answer goes beyond the surface of just adding decoration or bringing colour into the living room, although those are valid reasons on their own. 

Think of how many times you see a piece of art that evokes a memory or feeling of some kind. There are moments in your life captured forever in these colours and lines, stories that can be told without words, emotions that can be felt immensely. What is it about art that can cause this reaction? What is it about art that makes these emotions resonate so deeply within us? It is the art itself, and how it places an emphasis on details. 

While to some, the message of an artwork may not be clearly defined or immediately obvious, to you, it means something more.

Read on to discover why we all need a few special pieces of original artwork in our living spaces:

  1. It provides a focal point to the room.

More often than not, art frames the television in our living rooms. Placing artwork in the centre of the wall opposite the television provides an area of focus for the room. This is a great way to balance the focus of the room, which can generally fall on the television and the entertainment pieces that surround it.

  1. It helps define the space.

If you're having trouble determining the function of a room in your home, an original work of art may help simplify the design and help you figure out how the room is being used. In the living room, artwork may serve as a great way to define the space as a TV room or a room that is used for entertaining, reading, or relaxing.

  1. It brings meaning to the space

Find works that match the tone of your home and reflect your taste. If you have a modern space, artwork with clean lines and geometric shapes may be a good choice. If you have an eclectic space, you might want to find something with a little more character and texture. There are millions of different styles and types of artwork available. Depending on your taste, you can find anything from abstract to realism.

  1. It creates interest in the room

Walls in the living room can be considered a canvas. Find artwork that helps you achieve the look that you are striving for. For instance, if you want to create a cozy space, find cozy artwork. If you want to create a bright space, find artwork that makes you feel bright and happy.

Combine a few or a few dozen of your favourite pieces of original artwork and watch how they help make your living space feel like home.

Through the act of decorating, many of us are able to tell a story about ourselves and who we are. 

A great way to do this is through original artwork. Whether it's a photograph, a painting, or one of your own creations, adding artwork to your living space can bring meaning to it. It helps you to define the space, which helps you to remember the stories that you choose to tell through it. It may also give you a space to tell a new story, one that you may have not been able to tell before.

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