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Several Ways to Style Your Wall Using Abstract Art Pieces

Are you a fan of abstract art? There are various ways to style your wall with abstract art pieces. You can instantly change the look and feel of a room depending on the placement of the pieces and the types of abstract art you choose.

This article will run you through the different ways you can style your wall with abstract art.

A Bold Mix of Styles

Do you have an eclectic mix of furniture, décor, ornaments, and objects in your room? You can be bold and hang an abstract art piece that stands out. This gives a bold mix of style to your room.

You can go for an abstract, figurative, or landscape piece to bring a diverse element to your wall. This way, no one piece monopolises the viewer's attention. There is balance and harmony as all the details are bold and diverse in the room.

Choosing Pieces That Contrast with Your Furniture

There are various ways to coordinate an art piece with your space. You can go for a contrasting look where your geometric and minimalist furniture can create a backdrop or a nebulous abstract painting.

You can also have pieces with undulating lines and blended colours to contrast your space's strong, sharp, and geometric elements.

The frame you choose for the artwork is essential for this kind of styling. For example, a thin black metal frame can bring harmony to your artwork and the room if you have a table or furniture of a similar material or look.

Select Pieces within a Colour Palette

Various elements in your space may be colour-coordinated. You can choose an abstract piece that compliments this theme or colour palette.

Is your room or décor bright and colourful? You can go for abstract pieces with bright colours and bold lines. Are you fond of earthy tones? You can have abstract pieces with earthy tones. Are you into metallic elements in your décor? Get abstract metal pieces in warm tones.

Colour is a dominant visual factor in your space. Therefore, you need an abstract piece that complements that aspect.

Highlight a Feature

Abstract wall prints come in a wide variety of colours, forms, textures, and expressive paintwork. There is no conceivable concept that makes it entirely up to you to choose which elements of the piece you would want to highlight.

You can use the abstract art piece to tie down your space, such as one with strong, warm colours with a hint of the horizon in an area with a fireplace or TV.

Alternatively, you can use deep tray frames, which are great for hiding rough canvas edges without covering the piece in glass that covers the texture of the brushwork.

Hanging Identical Pieces That Mirror Each Other

In some cases, you might want to highlight the symmetry in your space. You can use identical pieces that mirror each other to do this. As these pieces are complementary in shape and size, this can help you to create a balanced look in your space.

This also gives the illusion of a larger space as there is a reflection of the piece.


These are various ways you can style your wall with abstract art pieces to give your space an eclectic, over-the-top, funky, or elegant look. Whether you are going for bold, contrasting, or complementary styles, you can take your pick when decorating your space.

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