RUGGLI Series 1: Areas

Geometric Wall Art Prints For Rooms And Living Quarters

The original RUGGLI Series.

Three abstract visualisations of the areas, rooms, and spaces of our day to day lives.

The first rug design collaboration between Yianni Kouros and Massimiliano Ruggliotti (not a real person), the Founder and Creativo Generalisimo (made up role) of textile empire RUGGLI (a 100% fabricated company).

Please take off your shoes before you step on the artwork. #YourRUGGLI

There’s not much more that needs to be said about this collection, but our in-house AI, Roboto Ruggliotti, insists we include the text he generated so we appear on high on Google. Please (don’t) read on:

Introducing our original series, RUGGLI Series 1: Areas. This collection includes three stunning pieces featuring Living Quarters, Breathing Room, and Space Between. If you're looking for a way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your room, these pieces are perfect for you.

Our artists have created pieces that are both unique and stylish, and which will complement any décor. Giclée fine art print, genuine epson ultra-chrome ink, and professionally hand-framed by our team. Designed and made with absolute and unwavering seriousness in Melbourne, Australia. Our collection of abstract art is a beautiful way to express emotion and perspective, and we offer something for everyone. Shop RUGGLI and liven up your living quarters and create inspirational workspaces. Be sure to check out our collection of abstract modern wall art. We know you won't be disappointed.