RUGGLI Series 9: Days

Sunshine Wall Art Prints

No two days are the same, but one thing is certain: the sun will rise, set, and rise again (for at least the next few thousand years).

After a mountain of text about sunshine as art purely for Google ranking? Our in-house AI, Roboto Ruggliotti, has you covered (really, this is practically gibberish):

The sun is a universal symbol of hope and inspiration and, as the sun sets, it leaves behind a beautiful palette of colours that inspires many artists across the world. RUGGLI Series 9: days, inspired by the sun, consists of large-scale canvas prints of sunrise, midday and sunset that can be hung on any wall to create a beautiful space in the home, office, or any place.

Our sun inspired art series brings all the beauty and majesty of the Australian sunrise and sunsets to your walls. Bringing you the warmth and light of the sun with the giclée fine art print, genuine Epson ultra-chrome ink, and professionally hand-framed by our team. Designed and made with absolute and unwavering seriousness in Melbourne, Australia. Available in single art pieces or bundles. Shop RUGGLI to liven up your living quarters and create inspirational workspaces.