The Team

  • MASSIMILIANO RUGGLIOTTI (not a real person) 🥸
    Founder & Creativo Generalissimo (not a real role)

    A Master Ruggateer (not a real qualification), best-selling author (nope) of the autobiography, Life is Rug & Rug is Life (absolutely fictitious) and creator of the former textile empire Ruggliotti Worldwide (oddly a real company) – Massimiliano has dedicated his every moment to the craft. 

    "To live, to breathe, to love — is to lay on a rug"
    – M. Ruggliotti

  • YIANNI KOUROS (a real person) 🤓
    Design Assistant (does all the work)

    A graphic designer by trade, Yianni started making bold, modernist art prints to keep his creative muscles limber during the 2020 pandemic. He'd always struggled to make art for art's sake, so he dreamed up a rug brand to design for, with each piece forming another thread to the fabricated backstory.

    "Please Sir, can I have some rug?"
    – Y. Kouros

Our (Fabricated) Origins 🥸


A word from Massimiliano Ruggliotti (not a real person), RUGGLI Founder (not actually) and Creativo Generalissimo (made-up role):

As a bambino in Milano, Italia, I aspired to work within one of the legendary local fashion houses. You would often find me lain flat on the living room floor of our family home, eyes closed, dreaming of ideas.

One autumn day, the terrazzo-tiled floor was particularly cool to the touch, and that’s when I had my grandest idea yet: “I need to create warm rugs for little Italiano bambini like me to explore their wildest dreams” (none of this is true). This moment set me on a lifelong path full of woven delights.

I left school at 15 and journeyed to Malmö, Sweden, where I received a scholarship (nope) to The H.P. Rugcraft Institute of Textiles (not a real school). I would spend three years under the tutelage of Master Ruggateer (not a real qualification), Astrid Mattamästare (absolutely fictitious), studying her revolutionary weaving techniques.

Night after night of passionate, lengthy rug-making would transform my love for the craft into a grander, spiritual calling. It was Astrid who encouraged me to see a rug as more than just a warm floor-covering. Instead “Think of a rug as the most divine plane of existence — horizontal and woven” (what does that even mean?). 

I graduated with a Masters degree in Ruggateering and migrated to Melbourne, Australia to form my first textiles company, Ruggliotti Worldwide. By living in one of the earliest timezones I could create from the future.

Over a few decades, my company grew from a small business into a global rug empire (never happened). In truth, it transformed into something far larger than I ever desired. Endless rug signings, award nights, and ruggarazzi photographing my every weave… For my own sake, I ceased production and stepped out of the spotlight (a floorlamp in this case?).

Years passed by as I lived a secluded life, striving to rekindle the reason I fell in love with rugs as a child—my portal to a dreamscape of fabricated wonders.

It wasn’t until 2020 when Melbourne was locked down, that a curious letter arrived (never happened) from a local designer.

“Mr. Ruggliotti,” it read, “After reading your autobiography, Life is Rug & Rug is Life (not a real book), I became inspired, just as you were in your youth, to learn the way of the weave. Since travelling to Sweden and attending The Rugcraft Institute is not possible right now, would you consider mentoring me? A collaboration perhaps? I am a qualified graphic designer and would like to gift you my services in exchange for your tutelage.” 

Warm woven regards,
Yianni Kouros, aspiring Ruggateer.”

Could guiding this designer on a journey to ruglife be the key to rediscovering my inner bambino? Perhaps… 

So, I agreed to a collaboration and thus began our (bogus) business venture; RUGGLI (don’t look any of this up, you will be disappointed).

Our (Real) Origins 🤓


Specifically, the living room of Melbourne-based graphic designer Yianni Kouros, during the lengthy lockdown of 2020.

Like many, Yianni would work from home. He’d spend roughly 3/4 of each day working on the dining table. The other 1/4 from the couch. In front of the couch; a rug.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to design a new rug?” he said in his head to himself.

“Yes it would.” he replied.

Thus, RUGGLI was born; a “rug company” with a fake founder and a quirky backstory, dreamed up to distract from the doom and gloom of the pandemic.

A year later in 2021, RUGGLI became a non-fictional company.

Our Mission


The world has changed. Working from home is more common than ever. The workspace and living quarters are often one and the same.

We believe that we are products of our environment, and RUGGLI is here to bring a positive boost to yours with a healthy dose of colour, geometry, and humour #YourRUGGLI